Echeveria Imbricata

Echeveria Imbricata

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Potted in white ceramic pot with drain hole. Pot style may vary from photo and approximate size of pot may be 2.75-3" in diameter and 2-3" in height.

With its blue-green leaves forming tight rosettes, Echeveria imbricata is a crowd favorite.


Care Guide:

Place in full sun or partial shade. If grown indoors, give the plant bright light throughout most of the day.

These succulents grow toward their light source. To maintain symmetrical rosettes, rotate the pot once or twice per week.

When watering, use caution to avoid pouring water into the rosettes. If water gets trapped inside, the plant may suffer from fungal rot and slowly die. Pour water directly on the soil around the plant.

Allow the soil to dry between watering.

This succulent does not require feeding, repeated transplanting nor constant grooming, but if you notice the lower leaves shriveling and drying, pull them off to allow healthy leaves to grow in their place.

Like most succulents, the Echeveria imbricata grows easily in healthy, well-draining soil or sandy soil offering good drainage.

Propagation is through stem cuttings, leaf cuttings, or offsets.

Usual pests include aphids and mealybugs.