Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

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Potted in a white ceramic pot with a drain hole. Pot style may vary from photo and the approximate size of the pot may be 2.75-3" in diameter and 2-3" in height.

Aloe vera is a hardy, attractive, easy-to-grow addition to any home, patio or garden and can be easily grown outdoors or as a houseplant.

Along with its innate beauty, this humble succulent plant has always been grown for its health, medicinal and personal care uses. Its gel is beneficial in so many ways especially for wound healing, treating blemishes and cold sores and as an additive to many homemade health and personal care products, and even if you never have reason to use it, this pretty plant brightens an environment and adds an element of carefree joy to every day.


Care Guide:

Bright, indirect sunlight is best.

Allow for deep, occasional watering and check the top one or two inches of soil to be dry before watering thoroughly.

To fertilize indoor Aloe veras, use balanced houseplant mix once monthly in summer. Those planted outdoors can use rich, organic mulch and compost to provide ample nourishment.

Occasionally repot to correct problems, propagate and/or provide more space. Use well-draining cactus mix for growing Aloes indoors. Outdoors, provide well-draining soil amended with organic compost, sand, fine gravel.

To propagate, divide Aloe vera pups from the parent plant at time of repotting. Repot only when root-bound.

Over-watering leads to problems such as root rot and fungal infections, and makes the plants susceptible to mealy bug and mite attacks and juice-sucking plant scale infestations.

Although the gel is edible and harmless, the plant’s tough skin contains anthraquinones and saponins which may cause lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea if ingested by cats, dogs and other pets.